Laimon Fresh in «I Luh Ya Papi», new music video of Jennifer Lopez

Zug, Switzerland – Jennifer Lopez incorporated the natural soft drink brand Laimon Fresh in her latest music video “I Luh Ya Papi” which will release worldwide on March 13, 2014 on VEVO. Laimon Fresh was the natural partner for this imaginative, vibrant, sexy and amusing video that embodies Jennifer Lopez’s style and aesthetics. Lopez refreshes herself by sipping from a can of Laimon Fresh in the video. Laimon Fresh, the refreshing natural lemon, lime and mint juice drink featured in the new video, is available at selected retailers in the UK, Spain, Italy, Russia and several other markets worldwide. Laimon Fresh has been an icon for healthy living since its foundation in 2010, providing a thirst quenching and refreshing blend of lemon and lime. Produced under the license of Swiss company GreenMe, the product is one of the unique beverage brands made from 100% natural ingredients.