Laimon Fresh promo in the center of London

Laimon Fresh took to the streets of London where we handed out bottles of our delicious drink to passers by!
Read more... 08/10/2013

Laimon Fresh on Home and Student Link

Laimon Fresh was given out in ‘bag on a bed’ goody bags by Home and Student Link in Plymouth to all the new students settling into halls.
Read more... 27/09/2013

Laimon Fresh in UK. Consumers’ opinion

Laimon Fresh was launched in UK in spring 2013 and was highly appreciated by the British.
Read more... 21/06/2013

Laimon Fresh TV commercial for UK and Spain

In order to support Laimon Fresh launch in UK and Spain a brand new TV Laimon Fresh commercial has been produced.
Read more... 21/06/2013